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Embossers Our Collection Of Braille Printers

• Basic-D
   Basic-D is the most sold braille embosser in the world. It's portable, easy to use and smart looking.    Tractor fed paper gives unbeatable stability.

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• Everest
   Still on top. Everest is the world leader in cut sheet paper and flexible embossing. It embosses    documents, braille books, labels and visiting cards with equal ease. With Everest you can use ink and    braille in the same document.

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• 4X4 PRO
   For high quality newspapers and books 4X4 PRO is the ultimate production embosser. It uses cut sheet    paper that can be bought anywhere. The world's most popular embosser for flexible newspaper    production.

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• 4Waves PRO
   Large scale, around the clock Braille embossing is here. With 4waves PRO your production won't stop.    It offers user friendly, high speed Braille embossing. The multi printer design facilitates service and    use.

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• Extended warranty
   It is possibly to increase the warranty from the standard 24 months up to 60 (5 years) by ordering    extended warranty on Index embossers.

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