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Still on top. Everest is the world leader in cut sheet paper and flexible embossing. It embosses documents, braille books, labels and visiting cards with equal ease. With Everest you can use ink and braille in the same document.

Key Features

  • Flexible
  • Single sheet feeder
  • Use local, standard paper
  • Suitable for braille labels

Braille everywhere

Before Everest, no braille embosser worked in the developing world. Where continous braille paper was hard to find, there was little communication. Everest closed the information gap. It uses the kind of paper that can be bought at your closest store. For those who require the most flexible embossing, Everest is the answer.

The history of Everest

Index Braille introduced the first Everest-embosser in 1990. It was the first standing printer in the world, and was soon rewarded a national design prize. With Everest we were the first to offer reasonably prized doublesided embossing. Everst was also the first embosser with sheet feeder, speech feedback and control panel in braille.

The more advanced Everst, V2, came in 1996.

In 2003 Everest V3 was introduced, packed with high performing technology and new software solutions, USB, network support. Still, after 15 years on the market, no other embosser competes with the groundbreaking Everest.




Embossing speed

100 CPS

Net size, cm


Net weight, kg


Shipping size, cm


Shipping weight, kg


Noice level dB


Paper width

130-297 mm

Paper length

120-590 mm

Paper weight

120-180 gsm

Power, standby

12 W

Power, embossing

140 W

  Package contents

In the box

  • Embosser
  • Power cable
  • Braille paper
  • USB cable
  • Ink manual
  • Getting started: instructions in text and braille
  • Samples of Braille visit cards made with Braille labeler on Everest
  • Index Braille CD

The Index Braille CD

The CD contains all you need to get started. You'll find editing software, printer drivers and manuals as well as service documents and much more.

Making Braille easy

When you buy a product from Index Braille your results should be as good as possible. Thats why we always include the following in every purchase : 

  Package contents

In the box

  • Ready to use on delivery.
  • Stable production 8 hours a day.
  • Top quality double sided interpoint embossing.
  • Handles graphics, maths and labels.
  • Communicates by speech feedback in many languages.
  • Braille and ink control panel.
  • Ports: USB, Network, Centronics, Serial.
  • Control embossing by internal web server.
  • Free WinBraille 5. Install more then one - always free of charge.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Keep your equipment up to date - always free upgrade via internet.

Acoustic Hood Everest

Table placed hood for small scale embossing. Quiet embossing at home or in the office.

Paper A4 t

For Everest. One box contains 1250 sheets of paper.

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