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Accessories (including Peacemaker Sound Enclosure)

• Sound Enclosure Check-out the amazing new Peacemaker Sound Enclosure! Producing the highest quality Braille has always been a noisy process. But now with the introduction of the Peacemaker a new level of harmony can exist in the classroom or office environment. Our designers took their inspiration from the most modern stealth aircraft. These incredible machines use special absorbing materials and unique angular surface to effectively appear invisible to detection by radar. The Peacemaker employs these same scientific principles to reduce perceived sound levels up to 90%. The Peacemaker's lightweight and unique design make it a welcome addition to any work environment. It comes from the factory ready to use and there is absolutely no assembly required.

• Desktop

Use your existing desk or table as a printer stand but muffle the noise! Exterior dimensions: 30.72 inches wide, 25.48 inches deep and 14.92 inches high. Price: $695.

• Don't forget Braille paper!

Available in 11.5 by 11 inch or 8.5 by 11 inch sheets with tractor perforations--both with or without pre-punched holes for GBC binding. Price: 8.5 by 11 inch $65 per box (1,500 sheets). 11.5 by 11 inch $58 per box (1,000 sheets). Prices include Free Matter shipping from our supplier. Please contact us for a price on optional UPS shipping!

• Hand Stand

What if you could fit a small, adjustable desk in your briefcase, purse, or computer case—a real workspace weighing only about 2 pounds (a little less than a kilogram)— yet instantly available for computing, Braille reading, notetaking, or even electronic musical keyboarding? Now you can! HandStand folded is scarcely bigger than a white cane or a small umbrella. Aluminum HandStand easily assembles in seconds, and it securely holds even a loaded laptop or Braille notetaker, yet disassembles instantly and disappears inside even the most jammed carry-on suitcase. While HandStand is not strong enough to support your embosser or a full box of paper, it keeps many other useful items, such as finished documents or Braille or print manuals, within easy reach. HandStand’s work surface sits atop adjustable tripod legs and is 12 inches (30.5 cm) wide by 9.5 inches (24.1 cm) deep yet only one-sixteenth of an inch (1.59 mm) thick. The surface tilts toward you at the touch of a button and locks in position till you change it. The height is adjustable, too. A nonskid finish on the work surface ensures your equipment or pages won’t slide off. An optional add-on shelf, also 12 inches by 9.5 inches (30.5 cm by 24.1 cm), is available, too.

• HandStand comes in two models...both incredibly light!

Both Regular and Tall Handstand raise, lower and tilt. Regular HandStand adjusts to several comfortable seated working heights, to a maximum of 31 inches (78.7 cm). Folded size: Twelve and one-half by two and one-eighth inches (31.75 cm by 78.7 cm). Weight: 2 pounds (.9 kg). Price: HandStand (Regular) $90.00. Tall HandStand can serve as a portable podium, standing up to 42 inches (106.7 cm) high. You could comfortably read from it while giving a speech or teaching a class, then drop the height with one easy adjustment to a 24-inch (60.9 cm) height ideal for reading a Braille book while seated. Folded size: Eighteen and one-half by two and one-eighth inches (46.9 cm by 5.4 cm). Weight: 2.5 pounds (1.14 kg).

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