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Braille Paper - Dust Free, Acid Free, Top Quality

Braille Paper from Star Continuous Cards
  • Dust Free
  • Acid Free
  • Free Shipping for the Blindr
  • Uniform High Quality

Braille paper which is also known as continuous paper is one of the main products provided by Almispah Center for Assistive Technology. We provide the best internationally available Braille paper. It is suitable for all users of this kind of paper.

• Organizations:

Many groups, organization, agencies, and schools provide services for the blind, visually    handicapped, and visually impaired. Braille continuous paper can be used by these organizations to produce Braille paper documents and books using our Braille continuous paper and your Braille printer / Braille embosser.

• Individuals:

Almispah serves the need of blind, visually handicapped, and visually impaired individual customers. Shipments of one box of Braille paper are as important as large quantity orders. Our Braille paper can be used in any standard Braille printer / Braille embosser.

• Quality:

Braille paper from Almispah is purchased from a single paper mill. This ensures consistent quality for you.

• Specifications:

Our Braille paper is continuous feed. The continuous papers are perforated and folded to easily  feed into the Braille printer or Braille embosser. The pages can then be separated after being printed. The sides of each page are also perforated to allow the sides with the tractor holes to    be easily torn off. All Braille continuous paper is 100 pound weight.

• Braille paper – Product list:

Almispah’s Braille paper products come in two sizes, with and without 19 hole (GBC) punch. The    8 ½ x 11 paper is also available in 3 hole punch. All have perforated detachable tractor feed side panels for use in Braille printers / Braille embossers. The following table describes our Braille paper catalog:



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